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AC Compressors

Here at Autoenterprises we have been supplying a full range of core air-conditioning compressors, for all types of vehicles from passenger cars to heavy duty vehicles, since 2006. We keep a stock of at least 40,000 including various new units from time to time.

Each compressor has been fully checked to make sure it is in a re-manufacturable condition, and logged on our specially made database, which holds information on OE /OEM numbers, type, pulley dimensions, Rear Head number, four pictures of each compressor, and a whole host of customers cross-reference numbers.

Whether you are looking to buy two pieces of Mercedes 7SEU17C Compressors, or 300 pieces of 10PA17C compressors we have enough stock, and a large enough supply chain to meet any requirements you may have. Be it a perfectly turning/pumping unit or a seized unit for parts, we can supply to your needs.

All enquiries should be directed to Rob Norwick who is head of the AC Compressor division:

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