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Selling Core

We like to build strong relationships with our customers, so that we can do our best to source the parts we know the customer will need, either by receiving forecast needs lists, or by building up a port-folio of the parts a customer would purchase in the past, and using that to plan our future core sourcing to make sure we have the parts the customer will need.



How It Works

Selling Your Core

Step One Initial contact with the customer and receive the customer’s latest search-file (or a copy of our current stockfile including cross-reference to the customers reference numbers can be sent upon request)

Step Two Cross referencing the part numbers into our stock management system. We then send the quote back to the customer also explaining fully the criteria checks we carry out on the cores.

Step Three Confirmation from the customer for the order received, along with any special requests. Then we will pack the parts onto large boxes on pallets, making one last check that the parts are in good condition

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