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Autoenterprises’ caliper division was launched in 1999 as part of the company’s founding, and has since then grown to be one of our largest product lines, with over 600,000 calipers on stock at any time. We hold a full range of calipers for any kind of vehicle — passenger car, commercial and heavy-commercial — covering a wide variety of manufacturers, makes and models.

The division’s 7 man team is headed by John Collins (Jnr.), who oversees the constant searching, buying, trading and sorting of parts that enables us to maintain an accurate, detailed and up-to-date stock list. Our carefully administered database allows us to rapidly break-down stock by any criterion, for example by casting number or manufacturer, down to minute details such as piston diameter. We also keep comprehensive records of customer reference numbers, allowing us to respond even faster to enquiries from returning customers.

Our meticulous quality control process ensures that the calipers we supply are always of a high-quality, re-manufacturable condition.

Please forward all enquiries regarding calipers to John Collins (Jnr.):

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